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There’s simply no contest. Since 1965, Highland Electric has built its reputation as the most expedient and effective electrical services for residential, commercial, and industrial clients!

Tired of chasing down contractors who won’t return your calls or complete a half-wired job?

-Then rely on the expert electrician team that provides a guaranteed 24/7 electrical emergency service!

Weary of never getting a firm price on your electrical project, and then getting surprised at the end by extra fees or hidden costs?

-Then get an upfront Free Project Estimate and know exactly what to expect from us!

Troubled by an electrical system that is constantly in need of upkeep or repairs?

-Then contact the contractors who employ only the top equipment that allows us to eliminate bothersome electrical issues once and for all!

Highland Electric bases all of its electrical services on an underlying and uncompromising commitment to:

  • The Highest Quality – Over four decades of experience in the electrical industry has positioned us to offer the finest services available. Our professional team is able to quickly assess your electrical needs and provide the best solutions every time.
  • The Strongest Integrity – We say what we mean and then stick to it, no matter what challenges or obstacles arise. You can count on us to come through for you.
  • The Best Performance – Have a residential, commercial, or industrial electric project? Keep everything in line and running hot so you’re never without the power you need.
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