Establishing Electrical Service & Quality

Highland Electric has been the forerunner of electrical service in Minnesota since 1965. Over the years, the technology and tools used for electrical systems—whether residential, commercial, or industrial—may have changed, but our commitment to uncompromising service and quality remains the same!

Since our founding, Highland Electric has set itself apart by never chasing profits or compromising on our reputation for quality and personal service. Instead, we put our clients’ needs first every time, preferring long-term value and performance over the quick buck too many contractors settle for.

A Legacy of Values

Highland Electric understands that the only reputation worth having is one grounded on trust. Our relationships with our clients are what matter most at the end of the day. That’s why we guarantee that our work and results will meet and exceed your complete satisfaction every time.

We take our commitment to integrity seriously, going to great lengths to ensure that you understand exactly what every project will entail upfront, and always following through on delivery.

Professionals Who Care

Our team of professional electricians are united by a common goal—to offer courteous, efficient, and effective electrical service no matter what the situation requires.

Whether you have a new home, a fixer-upper, a warehouse, a security system, an elevator platform, or any other electrical network that requires an expert’s eye and touch, enjoy peace of mind knowing that Highland Electric understands (and can satisfy) your needs better than anyone else in the region.

Large or small, Highland Electric handles it all!

Contact us today to learn more about Highland Electric’s services and take advantage of our Free Project Estimate!