Stay Safe Use Helpful Tips Below

  1. If your circuit breaker trips, make sure to reset it to the off position before you reset it to the on position.
  2. To reset your GFCI outlet press the reset button to reactivate the outlet or outlets in the event of the deactivation resulting from a fault. GFCI’s should be tested monthly.
  3. If your smoke detector beeps or chirps first check the batteries. Often a steady, recurrent chirp or beep from your smoke detector can mean a low battery. If there is an intermittent chirp or beep that usually means a defective smoke detector. Smoke detectors should be cleaned monthly.
  4. If a receptacle stops working first check to see if its on a switch. If not check and reset circuit breaker or GFCI receptacle if present.
  5. Do the lights in your house flicker? The cause could be due to the start up of some appliances, central A/C, heat pumps and condensors. If not associated with start-ups, contact Highland Electric to diagnose.
  6. Do you know the difference between a fuse panel and a breaker panel? A breaker is mechanical and can be reset. A fuse is a one time only use and must be replaced. Note* modern breakers are much more efficient and offer greater levels of protection.
  7. Flickering fluorescent lights may indicate an impending bulb failure, minor power surge or improperly installed bulbs. Try turning your light on and off if the bulb fails, replace it. A recommendation is when replacing bulb to replace the ballast as well.
  8. Even if you have surge/lighting protection on your main service you should still use point of use surge plugs in on your tv, stereo, computer, etc. A main line surge is no guarantee that your valuables will be protected.
  9. Its ok to plug your Christmas light display into a 110 volt outlet. If the load is too large for the outlet the breaker will trip it off. If tripping breakers becomes an issue additional circuits may be required to accommodate your holiday display.
  10. If a larger wattage bulb is used in your recess can light heat will build up causing the internal thermal device to shut off the can until it cools. This is a safety device to protect your home against fire.
  11. If the bulbs in your exterior fixture are continually burning out here are a few things to check. Are you having a power surge? Larger wattage bulbs cause excessive heat build up shortening the life of the bulb. You’re using non brand name bulbs. Try and use only brand name bulbs, and buy 130 volt rated bulbs instead of the normal 120 volt rated bulbs.